Project  —

A digital timeline,
of the internet's story.

Mockup design of a DK Hostmaster project built by Emil Rosenius

The client

DK Hostmaster is the administrator of the Danish internet space. They have been providing a strong digital infrastructure since 1999, making the .dk domain a safe and secure place to be.

Client website

The job

My client, DK Hostmaster, wanted my help with building a front-end application that would show Denmark's role in the history of the internet. The story should be told through text and graphics while walking through each year in the timeline.

The site was required to deliver great performance on everything from the smallest mobile devices to large desktop devices.

Project website

Atmosphere  —

The internet's story
through ones and zeroes

Collection of screenshots from old Danish websites
Facebook like button, emoji and Arto logo
Old DK Hostmaster logo
Collection of slogans used on the internet

What I did

We chose to write it in Vue.js, to keep the technology within the same stack as my client's other projects. To leverage static rendering for SEO purposes, we agreed to use Nuxt.js around Vue.js.

The site is build with reusable components written with Vue.js and SASS as a preprocessor. To keep it simple, the structure and ontent of the website is managed inside the project repository, using simple JSON files. Upon building the project, we feed Nuxt.js with a list of pages to statically generate, wherein this stage we load those JSON files to feed the generated site with content.

The site is optimized with performance in mind for both mobile and desktop users. The site scores a solid 100 out of 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights.

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