Project  —

A nightclub
management suite

Mockup design of a Nyx project built by Emil Rosenius

The client

Nyx is a full-featured nightclub management suite. It's made with the passion for providing a sublime service at ease, and features more or less everything you need to run a paperless nightclub - all cloud-based and at your fingertips.

Client website

The job

Nyx sought my help with the challenge of transforming the front-end architecture across their 7 platforms. During my time at Nyx I managed the project of architecturing and developing the underlying infrastructure for the future of Nyx's endeavours in the world of front-end for the next years to come.

With help from Nicolai Qvindbjerg on the design, I built an extensible, scalable and modular frontend architecture capable of being shared across multiple platforms, and implemented it in the new version of Nyx's feature-rich back-office application. Today, it lays the foundation of Nyx's 6 different frontend applications.

Atmosphere  —

From pen & paper
to a digital space.

iPad with Nyx installed and drinks on a table in a nightclub
Bartender serving a drink in a nightclub using Nyx
Employee holding using the table booking service in Nyx on an iPad
Employee holding an iPad running Nyx in a nightclub while serving champagne

What I did

While scaling the infrastructure, I took the lead on implementing the architecture as a version 2.0 of Nyx's largest back-office application. This included setting up the project and developing the front-end for key features like a login system, a shift management system, a membership approval system, an account management system, a settings management system, a booking system, an event system and a drag and drop table- and floor plan editor with direct integration to the new booking system.

Components implemented in the Nyx project

Reusable Components

The main goal of the new infrastructure was for my client's development team to save working hours in the future when implementing new features. To accomplish this goal, we built a fully extendable, scalable and modular component library with Vue.js capable of being shared across multiple platforms.

Graph showing the migration from Angular.JS to Vue.js in the Nyx project

One Brand, One Source

Through the power of npm and a strict semantic versioning strategy, we utilized the component framework to implement a new version of my client's 6 different frontend platforms. This created a solid foundation which enables my client to maintain their brand's identity across several platforms in a single place.

Design mockup of some Nyx features

Feature Implementations

From this point onward, my client's team and I began implementing features, with the benefit of being able to do it up to 8 times more efficiently than before. It took roughly 4 months to implement the back-office application, which at that point communicated with more than 120 REST-API endpoints, while keeping the average bugs per month in the single digit range.

"Emil has proven to be very structured in his development process and always pays significant attention to detail in everything from business logic to front end UI, which results in viable and maintainable projects. In addition, Emil delivers on time and as promised but does not shy away from a challenge. I’ve followed Emil for several years and he has evolved quickly as a developer."

Nicolai Cornelis

Founder @ Nyx


Lines of code written


Reusable components implemented


Of hours saved on future development

Showcase  —

Great changes,
great results.

Mockup of the shift management feature in Nyx
Mockup of the ticket management feature in Nyx
Mockup of the event overview feature in Nyx

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